Alton Edwards Bursary

The Alton Edwards Bursary is in honor of a loving son, husband, brother, father and grandfather. Alton Edwards (1939-2004) believed that through sport, children can build self-esteem, leadership and social skills that would weave a positive thread throughout their lives. Alton, in his firm and quiet way, was more than a cheerleader he was a teacher. He ensured that his positive beliefs were passed down to his six children and to all children he came in contact with.

Whether Alton was teaching his grandson the joy of fishing, or explaining the ‘sweet science’ of a boxing match, there was always a message in his words; a message that was always teaching the benefits of involvement in sport, of sharing each person’s special gifts, of not taking life too seriously and giving back.At Four Point Basketball we believe, as did Alton Edwards, that athletes wanting to realize their potential should have the opportunity to do just that and not be denied due to financial limitations. In Ontario hundreds of athletes are denied the opportunity to further their development due to one simple fact: lack of funds. 

The Alton Edwards Bursary was established in 2012 to provide an opportunity for those athletes that would not have the means to participate in camps and clinics.

This grant is a way to turn participation in sport into a greater learning tool. Athletes are be provided with resources and techniques on: team-building, how to deal with disappointments, how to improve self-confidence and help in developing a positive character, all while exploring and experiencing the joys of camp.

The support provided by the Alton Edwards Bursary Program is available province-wide for athletes aged 9 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school.The goal of the Alton Edwards Bursary is to provide financial assistance to children and youth in need to attend our summer camps and clinics. Every time we help a family, we honour the memory of Alton Edwards; a great man who loved his family and sport with all his heart.


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