Can you tell me more about Four Point Basketball’s Bursary Program?

Four Point Basketball is a registered charity (#129813356RR0001). We also team up with other like-minded organizations and companies to provide kids who have financial barriers with the opportunity to participate in sport.The Alton Edwards Bursary programs was created in order to to provide exposure and assist young people in their athletic and life skill development, while providing family and community focused programs and events.  

How old does a child need to be in order to be eligible for Four Point Basketball funding?

 Bursary support is for youth between the ages of 10 and 19. 

What costs does the bursary funding cover?

Four Point Basketball bursaries assists with the costs associated with registration, clothing and transportation in certain circumstances.  

Can I request funding for multiple sessions in a row for my child?

 Yes. Children can be funded for consecutive weeks in a given season; subject to review and funding availability. 

Can I apply for funding for the child on behalf of the family?

Unfortunately, the parent/guardian of the child will need to apply for funding for their child/children.  You would need to direct the parent/guardian to the Four Point Basketball website to apply for bursary funding or encourage them to call for more information. 

How is The Bursary Program funded?

As a registered charity, Four Point Basketball receives donations and sponsorship from a wide variety of sources. The funds ear marked for sports camp go to providing kids that have applied to attend the camp with funding in order to attended the desired week(s) of camp requested in the approved application forms.Anyone can make a donation to Four Point Basketball Camp. We have also received donations from Basketball teams, parents, and companies who donated their proceeds from fundraising events.