London Basketball Camps

Small Group Training


Clinic/Training sessions are 1 hour sessions with a limited in size in order provide the best experience possible for the athletes. 

Shooting and Agility  - Fall Jr & Sr Programs

In partnership with Triunity Fitness, this 8-week program is a  customized approach to improving weaknesses with a primary focus on shooting performance and footwork.

The sessions will be lead by Coaches Angie Mailhot from Triunity Fitness and Phil Ferreira our Director of Southwestern Ontario operations. 

Nike Summer Camp


The Nike Basketball London Camp is for young athletes who want to not only improve their skills, but also have fun. The young athletes will work on developing the fundamentals of basketball through specialized, age-appropriate drills and game-based play.

 We take a fully-customized approach to improve weaknesses with a primary focus on overall basketball development and understanding.   

 As well as training that helps promote both physical and mental development, with an emphasis on physical literacy, team-work, and confidence.

Four Point Basketball Camps


Basketball training made fun!  We aim to be able to provide our campers with the best experience possible, which means they’ll receive expert instruction from top-level coaches with high school, college, and university-level coaching and playing experience. Building on this, we aim to have staff who have relevant academic experience in human kinetics. On top of all of this, we provide the opportunity to enjoy learning from special guest speakers with coaching and playing experience from all over the world.

Through more individualized training, we can better spot and correct many shooting tendencies that often could be overlooked due to a larger group size. On top of this, it allows the camper to get more ball-touches and shots up, increasing their overall practice time.